Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

OK, please just enter your email here. (You may need to check your Spam folder for the Reset link.)

How do I change the invoice template?

To change the template of an invoice, please click on the saved invoice which you would like to edit, then choose 'Select Template'.

How do I delete an invoice?

To delete an invoice please select the invoice you would like to delete, then click the yellow 'Delete' tab.

How do I change my email?

You can change your email under the 'Language & Settings' (top right corner of the main page) or by clicking here:

How do I convert an Estimate to an Invoice?

Simply click on the document you would like to convert, then click the yellow 'Edit' tab. To the right of 'Switch to' you can click on the desired new format and it will convert the document for you with all details in tact.

How do I copy or duplicate an invoice for quicker invoicing?

First select the invoice you wish to copy/duplicate, then click on the yellow 'Copy' tab.

How can I mark an invoice as 'Paid' manually?

Simply locate the invoice, click the orange text that says “Unpaid”, then on the following screen click “Set as Paid”. Please note that invoices paid online via our integrated payment system are marked as 'Paid” automatically.

How do I incorporate a discount or advance payment into my invoice?

Click the “+ Add New Item” button and write “Discount” or "Advance Payment" in the description box. Then simply input a negative amount in the Amount box. The Total will be calculated accordingly.

How do I print an invoice?

First click on the invoice you wish to print, then click the yellow 'Download' tab. Next, open the PDF from your local computer and click 'Print'.

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